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Kanban-based Project Management with Trello - Udemy

Doelgroep: Project Managers,Entrepreneurs,Business Owners,Team Leaders,Managers,Anyone else who'd like to manage projects and tasks better
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We all have things we need to keep track of - projects, tasks, chores, and more.

The traditional way of staying on top of these things would be to create todo lists and check off the items as we complete them, but this approach doesn't give us much insight into what we're doing beyond "this has been done" and "this still needs to be done".

The Kanban approach offers several benefits over todo lists, including:

  • The ability to see not just whether a task has been completed or not, but what stage of completion it's in.
  • The ability to limit the amount of work you have in progress at any one time.
  • The ability to easily collaborate with others, where each person has their own cards but they're all posted to the same board.

Kanban can be implemented on paper, on whiteboards, or in software; in this course we'll show you how to use Trello, a free web and mobile app that implements this process and allows for easy collaboration with others.

Whether you're new to the world of project management, want to move to Kanban & Trello from another project management system, or are already a Trello user, you'll find value in the topics discussed during this course as well as the examples and templates provided afterwards.

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