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Wat is COBIT ?

Controledoelstellingen voor informatie en gerelateerde technologieën (COBIT) zijn een IT-bedrijfsraamwerk dat specifiek is ontworpen voor IT-beheer en governance.
COBIT is een set controledoelstellingen waarmee IT-management en governance-professionals IT-activiteiten kunnen beheren, ongeacht de grootte van de organisatie. Het werd uitgebracht in 1996 en is onderzocht, ontwikkeld, onderhouden en gepubliceerd door de Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

COBIT is in de eerste plaats een zakelijk raamwerk voor het beheer van enterprise IT. Het is een wereldwijd erkende open standaard die werkt aan IT-bedrijfsprocessen en bij het op één lijn houden van IT- en bedrijfsdoelstellingen. Het is een uitgebreide reeks hulpmiddelen, procedures, richtlijnen en principes in IT-beheer en -beheer. COBIT helpt organisaties profijt te trekken van hun informatiesystemen en IT-middelen, terwijl ze bedrijfsbrede controle hebben over bedrijfs-IT.
COBIT bevat ook richtlijnen en werkwijzen van andere gerelateerde kaders, waaronder ValIT, RiskIT en ITIL.

Overzicht cursussen COBIT

Doelgroep: This course is meant for IT professionals - managers or specialists who would like to find out what is COBIT and how it can be useful..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 30 minuten totaal     Richtprijs: €29.99     Taal: Engels    

COBIT5 Introduction course is a fast way how to get familiar with the basics of COBIT5. Whether you need to understand what people talk about when they mention COBIT or you wish to be able to judge whether it may help you to fix problems and improve your IT this is the right course for you. IT is also extremely us..
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Doelgroep: Business managers,IT management consultants,IT governance professionals,IT auditors..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 4,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99     Taal: Engels    

The COBIT 5 Foundation course provides a comprehensive foundation to the students and enables them to assist their enterprises in achieving their objectives for the governance and management of enterprise IT. The course also helps the students working for various enterprises to create optimal value from IT by maintaini..
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Doelgroep: Board members, Executive Managers, IT Managers, Business Managers, Risk Managers, Assurance Providers, Regulators, Business Partners, IT Vendors..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99     Taal: Engels    

This course is for students who want to prepare for the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam and those who want to get idea of what is COBIT 2019. It is also intended to people interested in knowing the differences between COBIT 2019 and COBIT 5.This course provides a comprehensive foundation to the students and enables them to ..
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Doelgroep: This course is meant for IT and non IT professionals who would like to learn COBIT and/or get the official ISACA COBIT 2019\u00ae Foundation Certificate.,It is especially useful for Managers of all le..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 4,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99     Taal: Engels    

"COBIT is the world-wide accepted de-facto standard for management and governance(rules) of IT organizations or IT departments. It contains all you need to run and manage your IT from Incident Management, Project Management to IT Strategy. In todays agile constantly changing environment the governance (rules) is more i..
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Doelgroep: If you\u2019re working in audit and insurance, risk management, information security, regulatory and compliance, or governance of enterprise IT, then COBIT is your one stop solution for mastering info..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €49.99     Taal: Engels    

Certify your expertise in the new iteration of the world’s most recognized IT Governance framework.The COBIT2019 Certification confirms your proficiency in utilizing the contemporary version of ISACA’s COBIT framework.The COBIT 2019 framework has been updated with modern processes and design factors – resulting i..
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Doelgroep: Whoever decides to learn COBIT 5 and get certified on COBIT foundation..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 50 vragen     Richtprijs: €19.99     Taal: Engels    

COBIT is a good-practice framework created by international professional association ISACA for information technology management and IT governance. COBIT provides an implementable "set of controls over information technology and organizes them around a logical framework of IT-related processes and enablers."  Thes..
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Doelgroep: COBIT 5 was designed for professionals working in the field of assurance, security, risk, privacy and compliance. It\u2019s also an ideal option for business leaders and stakeholders involved in gover..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 100 vragen     Richtprijs: €29.99     Taal: Engels    

Prepare for Your COBIT 5 Foundation CredentialCOBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology)  was created to support the governance and management of enterprise IT. By undertaking the COBIT 5 certification you will gain invaluable insight into extracting more value from your organization..
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Doelgroep: IT Audit, IT Management, IT Students..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 34 minuten totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99     Taal: Engels    

Some disclaimer facts I want to share with you before starting with you guys ;-)Although using public research material related to ISACA and COBIT® 2019 brands, those here are my opinions expressed by my own point of view on such subject based on my own working and COBIT using experience.Such material is not an exam p..
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Doelgroep: COBIT 5 is aimed at organisations of all sizes and all sectors. It is ideal for professionals involved in assurance, security, risk, privacy/compliance and business leaders and stakeholders involved i..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 90 vragen     Richtprijs: €19.99     Taal: Engels    

Obtaining the Foundation level demonstrates basic knowledge and understanding of the COBIT 5 guidance, principles and models. Candidates will be able to:Gain a holistic understanding of the governance and management of an organization’s internal information systems and technologyProvide top management with an overvie..
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Doelgroep: Everyone who would like to practice the content requested in the test..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 20 vragen     Richtprijs: €29.99     Taal: Engels    

For many, certifications carry more weight than even a college degree. The main reason why they are so well regarded by the market is the fact that they leave the professional better prepared to perform specific functions in certain areas.Even with an abundance of vacancies in the IT market, the diploma of higher educa..
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Doelgroep: COBIT 2019 is ideal for assurance, security, risk, privacy and compliance professionals or business leaders and stakeholders who are involved in or affected by governance and management of information..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: Free     Taal: Engels    

COBIT 2019 is the latest iteration of the industry-leading framework for governance and management of enterprise IT.This course looks at the role and importance of IT governance in the enterprise; provides basic understanding of the governance concepts; general introduction to the COBIT 2019 framework and product archi..
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