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Wat is Linkedin ?

Net als Facebook, Instagram, Twitter en een dozijn anderen is LinkedIn een sociaal netwerk. En net als andere sociale netwerken is het eigendom van een groot technologiebedrijf: Microsoft.

Maar in tegenstelling tot de meeste sociale netwerken is LinkedIn een professionele netwerksite, ontworpen om mensen te helpen zakelijke contacten te leggen, hun ervaringen en cv's te delen en een baan te vinden.


Ondanks de professionele focus lijkt LinkedIn behoorlijk op sociale netwerksites zoals Facebook. Het is gebaseerd op principes zoals verbinding maken met vrienden (of, in het geval van LinkedIn, "connecties"), updates posten, inhoud delen en leuk vinden, en instant messaging met andere gebruikers.

LinkedIn geeft ook een professionele draai aan ideeën die u kent van Facebook. Uw profiel wordt bijvoorbeeld een cv, compleet met werkervaring, prestaties, aanbevelingen en verwijzingen van collega's.

De site biedt ook dingen die je op andere plaatsen niet zult vinden, zoals een volledig uitgerust career board, waar je naar vacatures kunt zoeken en solliciteren.

Veel arbeidsbemiddelingsdiensten zijn nu compatibel met LinkedIn - wanneer u naar een functie solliciteert, kunt u mogelijk uw LinkedIn-profiel delen, wat soms betekent dat u uw werkervaring niet nauwgezet in een lang online formulier hoeft in te voeren.

Als u nieuw bent bij LinkedIn, volgt hier een korte rondleiding op de site.

Overzicht cursussen Linkedin

Doelgroep: Professionals looking to stealthily get promoted or job hunt,Job seekers who want to improve their results,People considering a career change,Recent college graduates,Participants and recent graduates..

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Welcome to the world's BESTSELLING career management course from Eazl and former Bay Area recruiter, Davis Jones! This course is tested by the market and has been reviewed 5k+ times. This course is now part of the curriculum at University of San Francisco, EDHEC Business School, Golden Gate University, Sonoma State Uni..
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Doelgroep: This course is built for B2B sales people, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who sell their product or service in either phone or in-person meetings,Anyone who wants to generate leads on Lin..

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Why learn LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation? You might be offering an amazing product or service…but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your dream clients is usually the hardest part. Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking e..
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Doelgroep: B2B industry professionals who need to generate leads remotely (telecommunting),Anyone who wants to generate business leads from LinkedIn.,Salespeople that want to generate high-quality leads every mo..

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Would LinkedIn Marketing or LinkedIn Lead Generation work for you to generate high-quality leads, book appointments, and increase your B2B sales? Can you generate leads remotely by using LinkedIn?The answer to those two questions is: ABSOLUTELY YES!Now, most of the salespeople, business consultants, and entrepreneurs w..
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Doelgroep: People who want to understand the basics to getting started on LinkedIn..

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*Please note this is a basic course - only applicable to those completely new to LinkedIn*LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate social network for anyone in business or looking to forward their careers. In this course I will teach you the basics of this platform. We take a look at your profile, building you..
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Doelgroep: Students who have a LinkedIn profile but aren't sure what to do with it or what the point of it is!,This course is aimed at freelancers, but strategies to create a polished profile can be tailored to..

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A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can be far more powerful than a single resume, cover letter, or website, and we’ll show you how to set up your profile the right way. LinkedIn is incredibly powerful and personal social media tool. I've had great success in both growing my network and attractin..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to generate business leads from LinkedIn,Markters, Consultants, SMB and Entrepreneurs..

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Are you not able to get business leads and sales from LinkedIn?Do you ever feel that you not attracting the right type of LinkedIn connections?Do you ever wonder why LinkedIn works for others but not for you?THEN THIS IS THE RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU!!!! Whether you're ..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to know how to use LinkedIn to build their personal network, generate opportunities and improve their personal brand..

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This course has been recently updated for 2020/21. LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate social network for anyone in business or looking to forward their careers. Whether you're looking to generate leads, position yourself as a thought leader or simply improve your online CV, this course will help you imme..
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Doelgroep: B2B marketers, business owners or anyone looking for new ways to grow a business!..

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Do you want to grow your business and career with a free Linkedin account? Then this is the course for you. Linkedin is the #1 social network for B2B marketing & career development. With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online..
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Doelgroep: beginners,medium level students,advanced students..

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How to Break LINKEDIN and Generate THOUSANDS Of Leads, Rank 1st Place, Become An Authority, And Create Massive Traffic from LINKEDIN within 1 week! Dear Internet Marketers, I bet that you're just like me… You want instant results for your business like hot targeted traffic within short period of time! (Rig..
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This course has been completely updated for the new LinkedIn Platform for 2018!!  Over 8,625 successful students have enrolled with dozens of 5-star reviews! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What you'll learn in this LinkedIn Training course: In this course I will teach you how to get an awesome professional ..
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Doelgroep: This course is for anyone that is interested in getting their dream job and wants to learn how to create/optimize an incredible resume, LinkedIn profile, networking skills, interview skills and much m..

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Are you ready to take your career to the next level and get your dream job by creating an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile from scratch?    This comprehensive resume and LinkedIn course, contains many exercises, downloads, lectures and a 67-page Resume and LinkedIn Success Journal for you to c..
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Doelgroep: Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs. Anybody that can benefit from the Professional nature of LinkedIn,Only take this course if you are committed to taking action \ want to achieve measurable resul..

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23,000+ Students have enrolled in my 17 Courses!Course updated for 2016 with over 2.5 hours of video! Have you considered the fact that LinkedIn is more than just an online Resume? Do you want to pursue the opportunities LinkedIn offers and get the job you wanted, obtain a promotion faster or spread you..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who want to build their brand or increase it's visibility on LinkedIn,Anyone that wants to network with all sort of business companies on LinkedIn.,Salespersons that want to generate high-quali..

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LinkedIn Marketing has become the most popular method for success-hungry marketers to make the most from their promoting efforts. If not given sufficient importance to, it can prove disastrous for your business. It provides you with more opportunities to improve your credibility, and you will stay on top of your target..
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Doelgroep: Active job seekers,Passive candidates that want to manage their careers,Professionals that want to enhance their online presence,This is not for advanced users of LinkedIn,This is not for professional..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

Every time you speak with someone new, a potential employer, client, recruiter or networking contact, there is an excellent chance that they are looking at your LinkedIn profile. Posting a bad LinkedIn profile can cause a job opportunity or new potential client to vanish into thin air.   Creating a strong Lin..
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Doelgroep: Participants in and recent graduates from MBA programs, Recent college graduates, Current undergraduate students,People writing a resume for the first time, People considering a career change, Job see..

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Version 3 Released on November 2020Learn personal branding from the creators of Career Hacking™, the world's bestselling career management course!Create More Opportunities and Present Yourself Powerfully on LinkedIn®  300,000,000+ professionals are active on LinkedIn®--the network is quickly becoming an essent..
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Doelgroep: Digital Marketing Managers,Digital Marketing Freelancers,Website Owners,Business Owners,Online Store Owners,B2B \ B2C Marketeers,Demand Generation Managers,Digital Marketing Specialists..

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**LATEST 2020 COURSE WITH BRAND NEW LINKEDIN CAMPAIGN MANAGER**In this course you will learn:Why you should use LinkedIn Ads and how LinkedIn Marketing has evolvedPre-requisites for launching a LinkedIn campaignHow to Create Your LinkedIn Ads AccountDirect Sponsored Content – Specifications & RequirementsHow to d..
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Doelgroep: Entrepreneurs Wanting to Grow Their Business With LinkedIn,Bloggers Looking to Grow Their Audience With LinkedIn,Small Business Owners,Anyone Looking To Connect with People in the same Industry,Anyone..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1.5 hours     Richtprijs: €124.99    

Do You Want to get More Leads and Sales? Would You like to know How to Attract the Right People to Your Business using LinkedIn?The You've come to the Right Place! Regardless if you've been on LinkedIn for years or just starting out, this course will help you to optimize your chances for more leads and more sales...
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