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Doelgroep: Business Analysts,Product Owners,Project Managers,Anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of user stories and how they can help projects succeed..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

Discover the cure for the common course as we take you on a tour through the world of user stories. We’ll have fun along the way (did you know user stories are like video games?), and we’ll dive into the essential terms and concepts you’ll need to effectively apply user stories to your projects.In this course, yo..
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Doelgroep: Product Owners, Agile Business Analysts, Agile or Scrum Team Members and Business OWners,Anyone who wants a complete overview of Agile User Stories and certainty that they are getting the facts taught..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €49.99    

"Scrum Open, Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum Master™, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, etc. is the protected brand of Scrum . org. Our course and practice exams are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum . org."Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!The unique reasons for taking this course are:Complete,..
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Doelgroep: There is NO specific educational background required to follow course material but it would help if you already have a Bachelor\u2019s or currently pursuing a Bachelor\u2019s in ANY of these majors -..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €29.99    

Welcome to the highest rated course on user stories on Udemy. Period. This course is designed to teach how to think in terms of user stories; it will enable you to actually write effective user stories as well as epics & themes. The 2+ hours of course material includes real world examples of user stories, epics &a..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to gain a deeper and practical understanding of User Stories and Acceptance Criteria,Current Agile team members looking to deepen their understanding of the User Stories and best prac..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 3 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €179.99    

Enhance your productivity and project success by putting your customer's needs front and center with powerful Agile User Stories.Understanding the needs of users is one of the key components for any project. But there are some choices in how you gather those needs and how you document them. One very popular and trendin..
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Doelgroep: This course is must for if you are a Product Owner or Business Analyst that is responsible for creating and or maintaining a product backlog,Since a good product backlog is the foundation of a softwar..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €29.99    

This 2 + hours course is aimed at teaching you all you need to know about creating & maintaining an Agile product backlog. I will demonstrate this by creating a product backlog for an e-commerce web application organically from scratch in this course. Course contains tons of ..
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Doelgroep: Product Owner who is looking for maximizing the value,Agile or scrum team member who looking to better understand the concept of user stories and why is it really needed?,A business analyst who is try..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €129.99    

User stories are a critical part of product owner responsibility and agile software development. Why? Because the user story delivers the value to customers directly. But how? That's exactly what we will cover as part of this course. Why is this Couse?When I started with the role of Product Owner, I failed in my first ..
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Doelgroep: Product Owners,Product and Project Managers,Subject Matter Experts,Business Process Users,Business Process Managers,Line Managers,Business Analysts,Anyone wearing the Business Analysis hat!..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €59.99    

The Three Parts of a user Story: The Card, the Conversation, the Criteria User Stories are a great method for expressing stakeholder requirements, whether your projects follow an Agile, Iterative, or a Waterfall methodology. They are the basis for developers to deliver a suitable information technology (IT) app or..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to develop a deep understanding of User Stories in theory and in pratice,Beginners in the field of agile project management who want to become familiar with the concept of User Storie..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €129.99    

Increase the success of your agile project with high-quality User Stories, which describe the wishes of the users in a simple and experience-oriented way.Many companies today take an agile approach to project execution. Besides the project organization according to the agile framework, a major challenge is the definiti..
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Doelgroep: Beginner to Intermediate level Agile practitioners.,Scrum Masters,Product Owners,Release Train Engineers,Product Managers,Agile Team Members,Project Managers,Business Analyst..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99    

User Story writing is a key Agile skill to develop and master to increase flow  and value through any Agile team. A lot of issues are solved with well defined and written user stories. Teams will have less false starts, less starting and stopping during Sprints, and increased flow and predictability..
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Doelgroep: Anybody who wants to write great User Stories,Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers,Analysts Designers,Developers, Programmers,Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €29.99    

If you want to turn your ideas into written form for your agile team, that's the course for you! You will quickly learn:how write great user stories and why even botherabout alternatives for user stories, other formats (i.e. Job Stories)how to deal with big projects, initiatives - what are so called Epics and how to ru..
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Doelgroep: Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, QA, Technical Authors, Product Managers, Business Analysts..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

In this course, you will all need to know about writing and implementing great Agile User Stories in an environment.  Using Scrum as the development process framework, we explore all aspects of User Stories from definition and creation through to validating correctly written stories and writing solid acceptan..
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Doelgroep: Anyone involved in or planning to start Agile Software Development can use this course. This will help students in creating and managing requirements using User Stories...

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €34.99    

*Updated as per the latest Scrum Guide, Nov 2020. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM)This course discuss how user stories are handled in scrum framework. This course discuss topics including, User Story Mapping, Techniques foe Creating, Splitting/break..
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Doelgroep: Anyone involved in estimating or planning projects using Agile methodology,Programmers,Testers,Developers,Scrum masters,Product owners,Business analysts,Development team members,People who want to lea..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 3,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €99.99    

** Elite Instructors, On Udemy since 2016, 13,000+ students, 1,500+ reviews, overall rating of  4.5/5.0 **User stories are part of an agile approach that helps shift the focus from writing about requirements to talking about them. All agile user stories include a written sentence or two and, more importantly, a se..
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Doelgroep: Product Owners (or Business Analyts') who may NOT be very technical or who are new to their role,Scrum Masters,Application Developers, Testers \ Software Architects,Functional Managers in the domain o..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €29.99    

A healthy product backlog also comprises of Technical user stories and Spikes (in addition to user stories). This course is designed to teach you the essence of technical user stories & spikes, how to discover & write them and also how to avoid anti-patterns regarding technical user stories & spikes.In shor..
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Doelgroep: Business Analysts who need to learn or get better at writing user stories.,Product Owners who want to learn or get better at writing user stories, or perhaps need to control a troublesome backlog..,Ag..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

Do you want to learn how to write, refine and deliver user stories?Perhaps you're a Product Owner or Business Analyst who needs to understand this powerful technique?Perhaps you work in an Agile (Scrum or Kanban) software development environment and want to help your team deliver better products?Perhaps you just want t..
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Doelgroep: Product Owner,Product Manager,UX Designer,Product Designer,UI Designer,Business Analyst..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €99.99    

Why are many product teams frustrated? Because they face a hard time to build what really matters. Product Teams are not:Feature maximizersStakeholders' puppetsFirefightersIt's time to move from pleasing stakeholders to build product that changes people's lives for the better. By combining User Stories and User Story m..
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