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Bee Ecology: a Simple Guide for Bee Caring in your Backyard - Udemy

Doelgroep: Beekeepers, bee lovers,Ecologists, naturalists,Gardeners, flower lovers
Duur: 2 hours
Richtprijs: $24.99
Taal: Engels
Aanbieder: Udemy

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Do you know how many species of bees there are in the world?  Have you ever thought about that? 

Together we'll discover the diversity of bees, their evolution, how they see the world, their intimate relationship with flowers, their important role in pollination, their different way of life, from solitary bees to eusocial. 

We´ll go for a bee safari, make seed bombs, plan a bee garden, and build a bee hotel together.  You'll learn other actions you can take to save the bees.

Come and join me, I'm really looking forward to share with you the extraordinary and diverse world of bees.

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