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Agile Reporting - Beginner To Rock Star - Udemy

Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to learn about Agile Reporting,People who want rock their current agile reports,Agilists,Project Managers,Scrum Masters,Business Manaagers
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Agile expert Luke Angel outlines a process for reporting on the progress of your agile project.  Agile reports should be simple and easy to read, and radiate information across the room to the entire team. In this course, . Agile teams need a lightweight way to report their progress.  In this course ill show you how to prioritize the product backlog, update the task boards, and monitor your project's health with burndown charts. You'll also see the most common pitfalls, such as retrofitting and working with distributed teams.

In this course you learn:

How to be transparent
Communication Techinques
Product Backlog Managment
Backlog Grooming Techniques
Taskboard Management
Sprint Burndown Report Management
Release Burndown Report Management
Retrofitting and Working With Distributed Teams
How to Manage Scope Creep

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