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French for Beginners: Au Café - Udemy

This is a French course for absolute beginners. We will start at the very beginning, learning some basic grammar and vocabulary. The vocabulary and cultural theme is "At the Café". In this lesson you will learn:

  • Café vocabulary
  • Definite, indefinite and partitive articles
  • The verb ÊTRE 
  • 32 ÊTRE expressions
  • Numbers 1-100
  • The French alphabet
  • Descriptive adjectives
  • Adjectives of nationality
  • Café culture in France

This lesson includes an introductory video, plus 14 instructional videos to teach you basic vocabulary, grammar, and culture. The vocabulary and grammar sections include on the spot exercises to help you assess your knowledge right away.  To help you with the 32 ÊTRE expressions that you will learn there is a set of task cards with a corresponding study set to help you practice. 

In addition to the videos, there are PDF files of all of the new vocabulary and grammar lessons, as well as supplementary exercises for you to complete.  You will particularly enjoy the QUIZLET study sets provided to help you practice and master all of your new French skills.

This lesson includes about an hour and a half of video instruction. A typical student will be able to finish the lesson, including the supplementary exercises, in about 5-7 hours, without rushing through the material. The lesson is structured to provide repetition, allowing the student to use vocabulary and grammar in meaningful context.

If you want to learn French, starting at the beginning is the easiest and best way to do it. This lesson will appeal to ages 12 - 112. You'll enjoy Jennifer's teaching style, which is simple and to the point.

Doelgroep: Beginner
Duur: 15 colleges - 1,5 uur
Richtprijs: € 12,99
Taal: Engels

>> French for Beginners: Au Café

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