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Doelgroep: If you need to perform automated tests on a wide variety of browsers, mobile devices, APIs, databases, and file systems, this course is for you. Manual testers with no programming background will love..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 6,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99    

Join 22,000+ students!If you're planning to use Selenium test automation... start here!Drowning in an ever-expanding collection of regression test cases? You need to automate them! If you have been too intimidated to learn test automation due to a lack of Selenium programming skills, you'll be thrilled to discover..
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Doelgroep: This course was designed with the current or aspiring Business Analysts in mind,Those that want to increase the value they provide as a Business Analyst,Business Analysts who are being asked to engage..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 3 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €119.99    

FILL THE INCREASING DEMAND ORGANIZATIONS HAVE FOR BUSINESS ANALYSTS WHO CAN EFFICIENTLY AND ACCURATELY RUN SOFTWARE TESTSBolster your resume and increase your chances of getting hired by learning how to create test cases, track defects, reduce bugs, and fill your software testing knowledge gap.An increasing amount of o..
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Doelgroep: Any one who are looking to start carrier in Software Testing,People who do not have any experience in Software Industry but want to get in by showing Real experience,People who need to master in Proje..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 10,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99    

Course last Updated - Nov 12- Jira Tutorials on Live Project + QA Behavioral Interview Questions   Gain  7+ Years  Real time  experience as a ( Team/QA Lead) level by just following through this course"One Single Course to Master everything in Software World." Learn on Agile Scrum Pra..
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Doelgroep: People who want to begin a new career,People who want to learn Software Testing,Software Testers who want to gain a better knowledge in their field,People who are searching for a part-time or freelanc..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 18 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €34.99    

All the basics that you need to know in software testing field, these include:-Basic theoretical concepts-Test case writing & bug reporting-Test management tools (Testlink)-Agile Testing Basics-Agile Tools (JIRA)-Black Box Techniques (Equivalence Partitioning-Boundary Value Analysis-Decision Table Testing-Stat..
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Doelgroep: Software Testers, Developers, Designer, Test Consultants, Test Leads, Test Managers, QA Engineers, QA leads and Managers, Business Analysts, Fresh Graduates, Students,If you are a just college passout..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 26 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €99.99    

Learn & Master Software Testing Quickly from the experts - GUARANTEED!  THE IN-DEPTH SOFTWARE TESTING TRAINING  - By SoftwareTestingHelp Team*** "TOP STUDENT PICK" on Udemy in the Software Testing category!*** 26+ hours of HD content. Value for money! *** DON'T settle for other basic course..
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Doelgroep: Advanced students who want to learn about testing their Python applications to build more complete solutions,Professionals wanting to learn more about automated software testing in their workplace,Aut..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 13,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €134.99    

Welcome to the most comprehensive course on Automated Software Testing with Python on Udemy.Testing automation doesn't have to be painful. Software testing is an essential skill for any developer, and I'm here to help you truly understand all types of test automation with Python.I'm Jose, a software engineer and founde..
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Doelgroep: Beginners: Beginners who wants to start their career in Software Testing field. ,Already a tester: You can refresh all your testing basics and techniques and gear up for Certifications in Software Tes..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 4,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €59.99    

Learn and Start your career as Software Quality Assurance field from the experienced professional.  You will be seeing the LIVE PROJECT from beginning to the end.  You would be guaranteed become a perfect software tester after taking this course. You would start from your role as a tester and ..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who wants to have a high paying career in technology,Anyone looking to break into the technology field with no prior experience,Beginner developers looking to learn about software testing..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 1,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €94.99    

LEARN SOFTWARE TESTING AND LAND A LUCRATIVE JOB IN TECHNOLOGY ASAP!This course is focused on the very fundamentals and basics of MANUAL software testing, Qa, Quality Assurance. I have kept it very short and to the point. In my experience, whatever this course teaches is what you need to learn the basics of software tes..
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Doelgroep: This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous testing experience.,For intermediates looking to sharpen their skills to the expert level.,Those looking to build software testing knowle..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 6 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €104.99    

Welcome to the Complete Software Testing Masterclass.Learn software testing with this course and become successful Software testers / Agile Tester. Obtain the core Mobile Testing, Backend testing, Web testing, Test Engineering skills and learn JIRA, SQL, TestRail, TestLodge, Confluence, Charles Proxy and gitHub. At the..
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Doelgroep: software testers,Software Engineer..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 10 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €199.99    

Questions are carefully prepared after collecting samples from more than 200 SDET's working in various companies across the world.  4 Special Reasons why this course stand out Unique among others -1. Coding Logical Problems is one area where every QA struggles to clear. I have taught these topics with special appr..
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Doelgroep: Anyone who likes to learn testing basics,Guys looking to enter in to Testing/QA field..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €24.99    

NOTE: This is a software testing beginner course. This course is for people who like to join IT industry as a software test engineer / people who are eager to learn testing methodologies in quick time. This course covers the need of testing, process involved, different types of testing, JIRA etc we use in testing etc. ..
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Doelgroep: New to the QA SW Testing field and wants to make a decision about QA Testing professional career..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 41 minuten totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

++++++ Attention to all new enrolled/coming students and providers of the low ratings: +++++++Before you are enrolling in this course and trying to leave your feedback to read carefully the introduction below in order to understand what this course is going to be about and who is the main targeted audien..
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Doelgroep: Individuals with passion to enter software testing field,Beginners in the quality assurance field..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 2 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €34.99    

  **Course & materials are last updated on November 27th, 2018- Over 33,000 students enrolled worldwide**        This is another award winning and popular course from us and we are showcasing it on Udemy for the first time. This course is available for only $34.99 instead of $99 for a ..
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Doelgroep: This manual testing cource is suitable for everyone..yes i mean every one for non-IT People ,Newbie,just interest in software testing..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 11 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €59.99    

Complete manual testing with bug reporting ALM/QC and Bugzilla(Basics)Excellent course For beginners who wanted to Start career in Manual software Testing Best Course on Manual Testing Regarding my course: I have designed this course more on practical then showing slides and reading out theory , majority  of the c..
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Doelgroep: All who want to just start with testing.,Who is very new to the testing environment,Looking for a job?,Preparing for job interview?,looking for job change to software testing ?,looking to do certifica..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 24,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €19.99    

Just watch 2 Preview video, and you will be clear that you want to go only with this Testing Course-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The course is designed keeping in mind that the users are:   &nbs..
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Doelgroep: Fresh Graduates: If you have passed out of college recently, and looking for a job in QA/Testing Industry, then this course will definately help you build skills required for your first job,QA Testers..

Bedrijf: Udemy     Duur: 6,5 uur in totaal     Richtprijs: €99.99    

Software Testing: Learn Manual/QA Testing + ISTQB CTFL Help (Recent Updates on: January 20, 2016!)What's New(Bonus): ISTQB Exam Help (Foundation Level)+Captions for all the lectures + Facebook Page (SoftwareTestingArena) + Make $$$ online testing websites (pdf) !Software Testing (Quality Assurance) is a 30+ Billion USD..
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