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"Leash Aggression": Fix your dog's reactivity on leash. - Udemy

Doelgroep: Beginner
Duur: 13 colleges - 37 minuten
Richtprijs: € 19,99
Taal: Engels
Aanbieder: Udemy

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Leash Aggression is a very serious and prominent issue with many dogs. Unfortunately, owners make their dog's aggression worse every day by not understanding why their dog is doing it. Learn what causes leash aggression, why it isn't aggression at all, and how to solve it. This course has valuable information and step by step videos on how to fix your dog's leash reactivity and begin to enjoy walks again with your dog.

With this course, you will learn:

-what causes leash reactivity

-what everyday things you are doing to make it worse

-scientifically based training to reduce reactivity

-how to reduce pulling, barking, jumping on a leash

-how to have more controlled walks with your dog

-counter-conditioning your dog's aggression

-how to get your dog to listen to you on walks

*This training program also works for friendly dogs that are overly excited and out of control when they see a dog or person they want to greet.

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