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Daily Spoken French - Udemy

Daily Spoken French is a list of lessons based on contextual daily situation and provides you with the necessary sentences and forms regarding these specific situations.

All along the different classes learners will be provided with videos and audio records showing them how to say the sentences and providing them with the written forms and translation in English.

By the end of the 10 Chapters of Daily Spoken French, students will be able to listen to, to understand and to use the daily French sentences in different everyday life situations.

In this first lesson, we'll introduce the first necessary things to say when you arrive in a French-speaking country.

This lesson is divided into different topics:

  • at the phone

  • meetings

  • hang-outs

  • to receive someone

  • the passing time and weather

  • to wish something to someone

Doelgroep: Beginner
Duur: 6 colleges - 2 uur
Richtprijs: € 19,99
Taal: Engels

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